About Me

11 years in the industry, in projects and production management.

  • Computer industry.
    • Customers: IBM, Bull, CNES.
    • Managed up to 200 persons.

12 years in the education and the consulting.

  • Training.
    • Researchers, Engineers, Technicians.
      • Statistics, Design of experiments.
      • Failures analysis, FMECA.
  • Higher education.
    • Statistics, Design of experiments.
    • Chemistry.
    • French.
  • Secondary education.
    • Sciences physics.
  • Consulting
    • Designed a school.

I soldered my first "computer" in 1976 (I don't remember when exactly). A SC/MP kit with a small led display, a tiny keyboard (calculator style), and a really tiny memory of 256 bytes. Yes 256 bytes only! I programed it in hexadecimal. I spend so many hours to imagine ultra compact programs and that was incredibly exciting!

Finally, I developed in several programing languages such as 8086 ASM, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, C/C++, Python, Html+Javascript… Currently, I am developing in C/C++ and Python.

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