boring lectures

Author: Jean-Pierre Redonnet

I taught several disciplines, levels and audiences. I always observed the same problems.

  • Pure lecture cannot catch the attention of the learner more than 15 to 30 minutes, depending of the age and the interest in the discipline.
  • Jokes and short stories attract the attention of the listeners, but must be relevant with the course else they discredit the speaker. Unfortunately, It is not easy to have good jokes and good stories related to the lecture.
  • When the lecture can be linked to some current events or historic facts (tragedy or events covered by the media), the listener is interested.
  • When the lecture is about a subject requested by the listeners, they are attentive for a longer period of time.
  • When some persons of the group of learner are implicated in the lecture, the group pays attention to the lecturer.
  • Questions asked every 10/15 minutes help to keep the listener "awake".
  • A lecturer who does not transmit any emotions, any passion, and makes its lecture too impersonal cannot captivate the listeners.
  • Only 10% of the lecture remain in memory after 2weeks. The solution is repeat the most important points of the previous lectures again and again.

Why class is sometimes so boring? Because both teacher and students try to save their energy. The teacher always teaches in the same way, reuses the same documents, reads its notes… The student listens passively, does not ask any question, reads his emails and waits for the class ends.

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