Quiz Generator

Author: Jean-Pierre Redonnet

Several quiz generator are available such as

The quiz can a piece of html and javascript code included in the page (the small quiz at the end of the welcome page is an example), it is easy to do and it makes the page more interactive, unfortunately the page becomes more difficult to edit.
It is probably a better solution to put the quiz and the article on two separate pages, particularly if there are a lot of questions.

It will be interesting to introduce some new wiki tags that will allow the wiki engine to create very basic quizzes, and without to have to enter manually any html/javascript codes.

The example:

There are {{ radio,7,wrong }} {{ radio,8,true }} {{ radio,9,wrong }} planets in our solar system.
The sun is {{ radio,a star,true }} {{{{ radio,a planet,wrong }}
{{ validate,Check my answers }}
{{ message,Good!,Try again! }}

will display one line of radio buttons with the labels "7", "8" , "9", another line of radio buttons with the labels "a star", "a planet", the button "Check my answers" on the third line, and the message "Good!" or "Try again!" when this button is clicked.

Of course, we can imagine more sophisticated solutions, but I think it is important to keep the wiki easily editable.

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