Teaching Gap

Here there are some extracts from the book The Teaching Gap [1]

Chapter AfterWord

Page 186: In the high-achieving countries all accomplished the engagement of students in active struggle with core mathematics concepts and procedures. It was this feature of teaching that was found common to the high achievers and missing in the United States.

Page 188: We need to engage students

Page189: Teachers must learn to monitor what students are experiencing, thinking, and learning during a lesson and be able to constantly readjust their strategies in order to capitalize on every opportunity for student to learn.

Page 192: We know that high-achieving countries succeed not by using particular methods but by finding ways to engage students in sustained efforts to grapple with mathematical ideas and relationships.

1. The Teaching Gap; James W. Stigler & James Hieberg - june 2009 - Free Press - isbn 978-0-684-85274-4
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